Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have you Noticed

Has anyone else noticed that this election cycle started just a tad early? Did you notice that for the first time we have been inundated with republican debate after debate? Has anyone else noticed that even more than usual the president of the united Democratic Party (yea I got that right) is sending his attack dogs after perceived front runners? Has anyone, and I mean anyone noticed that while Hussein the horrible talks of the need for compromise, he is really saying my way or we will grind your name in the dirt? Ok just one more question, if the Republicans are so against creating jobs for Americans then why have they sent some twenty jobs bills to the Senate that “Lord Reid” has tabled and refused to allow any  debate on?
I admit that I am a news junky, I watch it all the time, I listen to it on my satellite radio, (that I have in both our vehicles, and a portable I keep in the house) yes I stream conservative talk radio on my computer at work so I can listen to the issues while I am working, I read the news and blog sites, when a new book comes out I read it, so it is fair to say I am fairly well informed. My point is when I hear some idiot being disingenuous about how one side or the other is not allowing this or that or not willing to compromise I can get angry and yell at the TV or radio, ask my wife, she will inadvertently look at me and say “you know they can’t hear you, don’t you” my point is I am pretty well informed, but most people are not, they hear Hussein the horrible say Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class to help keep taxes down on the rich in this country, and they believe it.
Here is a favorite of Hussein the horrible, “all Americans should be willing to pay their fair share.” He is insinuating that everyone has a stake, or, is paying something, but 47% of this country pays no tax at all, and a good many of those people not only pay no taxes but receive a check form the government each year, so they pay nothing and receive money at the end of the year, money taken from those who do pay in, anyone know what that is called? Let me help you out, that’s called wealth redistribution. So here is what HTH (that stands for Hussein the horrible) is really saying we need to take more form the job creators, more form the real tax payers and redistribute that wealth to those who tend to vote for Democrats. What, did you think they really cared about the poor working man, no that’s a farce, they care about votes, come on they make millions of dollars off insider trading, and fly around in privet jets, live the high life and want to keep the party going, what, really, you thought they cared about you, and I am talking about both parties, although I would argue that Democrats are by far the worst. Remember when Princess Pelosi said she was going to drain the swamp? What she meant was, we are going to go after the Republicans while protecting our own.
So what is my point you may be asking yourself right about now; just this, the average person in this country is more worried about who gets voted off dancing with the stars then who gets voted into the white house, think of this, more Americans vote in the American Idol finally then vote in national elections. Again what is my point? Just this; it is up to us, the well informed, we need to be out informing and preaching conservative values, since the average person is not going to Google candidates it is up to you and me, so be informed and share the truth every chance you get. We live in a country on the edge if you are going to save it for our children and their children we need to stand up and shout at those who would fundamentally change this great nation, “no more” we are going to defend our freedom and our way of life. As always do not be afraid to stand up and be counted, I and those like me will stand with you. The conservative revolution starts now; our greatest weapon is the truth use it and we will take America back. God Bless you and yours.    

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It’s Happening Again

Breaking news; a teacher speaking to the press during occupy, what are they occupying anyway? It started out as occupy wall street, but they are really in a park near wall street, and it is now national and it is the same theme everywhere, sleep in a park and don’t shower. So maybe it’s a stink up the public park movement. Interesting side note, here in Utah there are some people camping out in a place called Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, which is also where a lot of homeless people tend to camp out and they have started complaining to police that they are being denied their park, just found it kind of funny.
Anyway back to this nut job teacher in California, apparently during an interview she stated, and I am paraphrasing, “The Zionist Jew’s that run Wall Street need to be run out of this country”. I don’t even know how to address a statement like that, I mean talk about racist statements, now in all fairness I did hear she got fired, as she should have been, what scares me is what has she been teaching the kids in her class? I would be willing to bet it was more than the three “R’s”. The real shock is that they actually fired her, it that part is true, in Cali I figured they would run her for congress or something.
You know it would be funny it wasn’t so scary, this is not an isolated incident, it is a fairly common theme that we are starting to see across the country. I told you in my last blog that this is how it starts, first they demand “what is rightfully ours” whatever that is, then they take it by force, first they blame a certain segment of society, then they round them up and put them in camps, it has happened before. Look we are already starting to see a wide spread movement that denies the Holocaust, now we are starting to see people blame the Jew’s for all the wrongs in this country, do I sound paranoid to you? I bet I do, but in 1939 they sounded paranoid too.
Look at the protests in Europe, if you think it can’t happen here you are na├»ve, we are headed down that road if we don’t stand up for our country and our selves. We are a country where individuals have the same rights, where every voice has value, so why is it conservatives are being drowned out, the main street press no longer reports the news, they have taken sides, which by the way fascism, controlling the message. We have an administration that seeks to govern by executive order, that’s ruling by decree, “ruling” not to be confused with governing.
What’s next they come for our guns, because in order to rule you first have to control the message, we know that’s happening, next you have to remove the ability for people to defend themselves, and lastly you have to control the people, we see that happening through big government programs turning our country into a welfare state. When you have done all that you round up the dissenter, that’s when the camps open.
We as a nation are surrendering our individual rights and it needs to stop, conservatives need to make their voices heard, before we lose the right to be heard. Speaking as an American Jew I will not give up my rights, my voice counts and I will make it heard, I will not surrender my rights, or my guns, I will not go quietly to the camps,  the Revolution is now upon us, stand up and be counted, I and those like me will stand with you.          

Monday, October 10, 2011

What is going on in our Country?

So I think I will just ramble here for a little while, I am not sure what I want to say but I do want to talk a little about this whole occupy Wall Street; where to start. Ok it seems to me there are a lot of people down there that are to say the least, confused.
I guess the intent is to not shower and sleep in the park until they get what is rightfully theirs, although they can’t tell you what that is or how to get there, now the guy they got on film taking a dump on a cop car? What’s that all about? Guess he is demonstrating for public deification.
Here is what I find funny, every time some lib comes on TV lately they go on and on about how this is just young people getting together to voice their anger over the direction of the country, huh, aren’t they in the wrong city? They compare this movement with the Tea Party Movement, really, so let me see if I have this right, the Tea Party movement is not extreme anymore?  
They are mad about the big corporate and bank bail outs, they don’t like the current relationship between corporate America and the Government, well hell me too, so are they all conservatives? I am so confused.
Here is what I don’t understand; they keep talking about how huge this movement is, I mean there is almost 1000 people down there in whatever that park is, wow, 1000 in a city of 10,000,000, oh yea and they keep interviewing people that traveled there from other states, really in a city that big they had to import people from out of state just to reach that number.
Here is what I think, who cares what these hippy wanna-bees have to say, they have no message or plan on how to fix things, just leave them be, when the first snow falls in New York City they will go home and that will be that, except for the garbage and funk they will no doubt leave behind that the NY tax payers will have to pick up the tab on.
Ok now the scary stuff;  I was watching the news coverage the other day (not surprising when you consider I am a news junky) and here is some guy going on and on about how everything wrong with this Country is the fault of the Jew’s, how the government sends all our money to Israel. You know that is not the first time we have heard that kind of talk, the last time was back in 1939. Then I read an article about some well known Lib telling teenage homosexuals that if their parents don’t except them or recognize their homosexuality then they need to kill them, so who said that first you may ask? Well let me help you out, it was said by Charles Manson back in the 60’s.
So am I being paranoid? No I am not, we currently live in a country where the President promotes class warfare, where Lib’s hide behind what is really fascism they just give it softer names, what is it when Christianity is not protected by the same free speech as Atheists.
Who would have thought a few years ago we would be where we are today in this country, I would not have, people would talk about our great country slipping into civil war, I would have told you, not in this country, but now I am not so sure. So here is what I am telling you, get ready, don’t wait start now, start storing food, and water, get a generator and keep gas on hand to run it, and if you are like me guns and ammo, why, because I am a Jew, and proud of it, not too long ago they came in the night and took my people off to camps. So when they come next time I intend to be ready, I will not be denied my freedom, I will not go willingly in the night, I will fight back, when they find my body it will be surrounded by the bodies of those who came to deny me my freedom. Am I paranoid? Maybe; but better to stand up and be counted then to be herded like sheep to slaughter.
As always do not be afraid to let your voice be heard, because as long as you stand for freedom I will stand with you.


Thursday, September 22, 2011


I know you have not heard from me for a long time, the truth is I was a little burnt out on the whole thing , I mean it really doesn’t matter what I write down on this page, what good does it do? The liberals are still out there telling lies, the establishment Republicans are still under mining true conservatives so they can keep the “good ol’boy power structure alive” and the truth is whatever “Hussein the Horrible” says it is this week.
So why am I wasting my time here, hell I don’t know, call it therapy. Here is the deal, I want to talk a little about what the progressive left stands for.
From what I hear they believe in things like a women’s right to choose, they are against the death penalty, they abhor racism, they promote diversity and open borders, human rights for all, gay marriage and wealth distribution.
That’s about it, and yes it is a little simplified but it not inaccurate I don’t think, ok so why is that important? If you have followed my Blog for any length of time you may remember awhile back I wrote a Blog titled “Liberal Hypocrisy “ well the more things change the more they say the same.
Ok let’s get to it; this week a man in Georgia was put to death for the 1989 murder of an off duty police officer, oh the lib’s are in an up roar, because 22 years latter they know this was just another example of the man (that’s code for white people) just wants to get pay back for a racist cop, well we know he is a racist, because he was a cop, and had he been a black cop he would have been another uncle Tom, you know like Sen. Allen West, and all the other sell outs. They protested outside the prison, had candle light visuals and you could hear the lib’s, wailing as far away as San Francisco. And I get it they don’t believe in the death penalty, it’s barbaric and does nothing to deter crime, it is not justice, it’s murder, “Right” I mean that’s what they say.
Is that is so? Let me introduce you to Lawrence Russell Brewer, who is he you ask? What, you mean it wasn’t front page news; the Huffington Post did not lead with this story? Well here’s the deal, on September 21, 2011 two people were put to death, one in Georgia, and one in Texas. But no one cried for Brewer, no one held a candle light visual, and I don’t blame them, Brewer was a monster, and he chained a human being to the back of his pickup truck and dragged him to death because of the color of his skin. The world is a better place without him, you may ask how can say that, “because I am not a hypocrite”, I don’t pretend to be outraged by capital punishment but pick and choose where my outrage will be directed, if you are morally opposed to capital punishment then should you not be just as outraged by the killing of a white supremacist, as you are with the killing of a black man who murdered a cop.
Here is another tragedy, also on September 21, 2011 two Sothern California police officers were arrested for the murder of a homeless man, they allegedly beat the mentally impaired man to death while he begged for his life, and if these officer’s are found guilty I hope they get what they gave, again I can say that because I am not a hypocrite, so why do I even care, yesterday someone I love and respect , even though she is a misguided liberal,  made a comment that I found very disturbing, “I hope they put them in general population”. Now what could have she meant by that statement? Well we all know what happens to cops put into general population, chances are they will be beat to death, or knifed, I think the proper terminology is “shanked”, but what about their right to a trail, or to be judged by a jury of their peers? What about their human rights and I thought putting someone to death was morally wrong, but if you put them into Gen-Pop isn’t that just what you are doing, sentencing them to death.
Last one for today; on Feb. 3, 2011 at a code pink rally in California, “you remember California the shining example liberalism and tolerance”, protesters made public statements concerning Justice Clarence Thomas, some of the more colorful ones were, and I am paraphrasing here, “he needs to be lynched” “he needs to be sent back to the fields” now I am not sure but that sounds just a little racist to me. Why is it whenever I bring this up liberal’s refuse to comment on it, or God forbid condemn it, I can tell you why?
Liberals do not believe in tolerance, they do not believe in human rights, they do not believe free speech, and they do not believe all people are created equal. Here is what they believe, if your views are the same as mine, if your speech is acceptable to me, if your politics are the same as mine then you are entitled to protection. Everyone else is an extremist, a racist, and someone of low intelligence and should be demonized.
Liberalism is for the liberal, not for the people, just as Socialism is for the Socialist, not the people, you see the rest of us are not smart enough to know the truth and there for we need them to tell us what is best for us.
Let me ask you this; what do liberals fear above all else? An informed society, that’s because their ideology cannot stand up to facts. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be heard, we are the majority and the truth is what it is, facts are what they are, don’t be afraid to stand up, when you do I will stand with you, you are not alone, this is your country too, this is our time, let the conservative revolution begin, it is time to rally the troops and return this great nation to greatness, you are not alone, let us all stand together.         

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

America the used to be

I don’t mean to imply that this nation of ours is not a great nation, I still believe it is, but for how long? I will be 50 in a few weeks and while that is not that old, it does mean that I have seen some changes in my life time, and I am not talking about i-phones, mp-3’s or flat screen TV’s, all of which I have, not to mention the Lap Top I am typing on or the internet I intend to post this on, the information age has connected the world in ways I would not have been able to imagine when I was a kid, and let me give a shout out to “spell check” possibly the greatest break through since the 4-door pickup truck.   
Here is what I mean; we used to have hero’s, and I don’t mean the comic book kind, I am talking about the men and women who dared to go into space, the guy who broke the sound barrier on the salt flats in Utah. Audi Murphy the undersized farm boy from North Texas who could not even get into the Marines, then went on to become the most decorated soldier of WWll. When I was a child I stood in school and said the pledge of allegiance, facing the flag that hung in every class room, and I knew I was special because God had blessed me and made me an American, yea I know that seems harsh when you consider all the people of the world that were not blessed to be here, but I was and this is still a great nation, we are great because of where we came from. We were the persecuted of the world, we braved a new world to escape poverty and persecution for religious beliefs, we didn’t walk into some deal where we were handed everything, our ancestors worked, fought and died to make this nation great.
When Europe was threatened not once but twice, this nation answered the call, we fought and died for the cause of freedom and we took no land except enough to bury or dead, we asked no reparations, and our troops came home to a hero’s welcome for doing the right thing, not for us but for humanity. Now we have elected officials accusing soldiers of targeting noncombatants, not because it is true but because it will get him votes in his district.
The President goes around the world on the great American apology tour, he in acts policies that are destroying our nation, and if you disagree with him, you are a resist, so much for free speech.
We are no vilified for our belief in God, while the ACLU will defend anyone’s right to be liberal but ignore someone’s right to pray in public, we live in a world where women’s rights originations will defend a women’s right to be liberal but vilify a conservative women while calming to be dedicated to the advancement of all women.
I ask again; where are the heroes. In 1944 at the battle of Bastogne the 101st Air Borne Division found themselves cut off and surrounded, caught in freezing weather without proper winter clothing, when the commander of the German forces offered to allow an honorable surrender, that he would feed and provide medical care to the beleaguered Americans. Gen McAuliffe the commander of the 101st sent back a one word reply, “Nuts”. Kind of silly by today’s vocal standards, but that one word said all he wanted to say, and when the word got around to the troops they cheered and became more determined to hold out. What was it that mad the Gen. such a great man, he didn’t wear a cape, he was never featured in a comic book, no he was just another American, one that believed in American Greatness.
Today our children are not taught of these great men and women, they are not taught of the greatness of our nation, or our true history, they don’t understand that the greatness of our flag is the fact that it was borne in battle, that it stands for freedom, no one has told them that this nation has given more and bled more for the cause of freedom then any nation on this planet.  
So what do we do? We do what we have always done, we fight, we fight for freedom for the protection of our way of life and our constitution, I am not saying take to the streets and declare war, although if we continue down this path it may come to that, one only needs to look at Great Britain, France, Spain and Greece. To deny it could happen here is tantamount to sticking your head in the sand. But if conservative voices speak out, if we pay attention to who we elect, if we demand that our representatives, represent us and not just themselves, if we hold them accountable, and that includes the liberal press that feed us propaganda and not the news, by the way did you know we are at war in Libya? And if not you should demand to know. The point is get involved let’s not let this Republic fall, defend what is ours, we can’t wait for heroes, we have to be heroes. And if a time comes when we have to take to the streets, I like our ancestors will stand with you to defeat tyranny.    

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whatever happened to the Libyan War?

Hey check it out; we are at war with Libya, I know, I know you haven’t heard anything about it in the news so how could it be so. I mean it was not that long ago that Bush went to congress to obtain permission to go to War with Afghanistan and Iraq. Then they turned around and called him a war monger, a war criminal, a murderer, a baby killer, you know the whole nine yards.
So where are all those people now, “hey Pelosi we are talking to you” John Kerry where is your indignation now????
Funny I can’t hear a thing, from the Liberal elite or the “oh so honest” liberal press, and as of now BO (that stands for Barak Obama, and yes the pun is intended, because I think he stinks), anyway to this day BO has snubbed congress and has not yet appeared before them, yes the same guy that as a Senator accused the Bush administration of fighting an illegal war under false pretenses.
But it’s ok because his press secretary says they are doing nothing illegal, this engagement is not a war. He makes it sound like they are all over there hitting each other with plastic bats; you know the big over sized ones.   
Ok I started this article yesterday and was going to complete it today, glad I did because while reading the Blaze this morning I came across an article about a Jr. High year book form a school in Arkansas that apparently includes a list of top 5 worst people of all time, on the list is Hitler, Bin Laden, Manson, then “get this” George Bush and Dick Chaney. I am just blown away, this is the crap they are filling our kids with, not learning, indoctrination, and you better believe its happening and there is an agenda by the left to destroy our Republic.
You remember all those crazy movies of the 80’s where some guy is wearing a foil hat to keep the aliens from taking over his mind, we all laughed but it’s happening, and the aliens are the liberal left, they are pumping our kids full of propaganda that promotes their belief, they say things like lets be more civil in our discourse, then they attack every conservative on a personal level, that’s because not only can they not argue the facts, they don’t know them nor are they interested in knowing them. Why you ask, well they believe in ideology, in ends justifies the means, and since their way of life it the correct way then it is ok, we can always be civil after they take over, but that will be the end of free speech and free choice, we can just tear up the constitution and turn the Smithsonian into a homeless shelter, oh wait we won’t need it because owning your own house is a civil right.
Ok I went on a rant there, but it does support my message, if Bush is such a horrible person then what does that say about Obama? We are at war in an unauthorized war, you can’t get away from that, the constitution and the war powers act are clear, and the administration is in clear violation of both. So where is the talk of impeachment, remember that one, oh and let’s not forget that we invaded a solvent nation in order to get Bin Laden, now that’s fine with me but if GW would have done it lib’s would be screaming for his head, but not BO, when he does it, it’s fine.
We are losing our country because the loudest voices are winning the argument by shouting us down, so stop, challenge them, demand they tell the truth, and punish the media and the elites in the film industry. How, don’t watch, don’t buy, don’t believe.    
We are in the middle of a revolution in our country, the question is are you going to crotch in the dark with your blinds down and hope for the best, or are you going to do what our forefathers did and stand up and be counted. I say stand because you are not alone, I will stand with you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conservatives need to wake up

Have you heard the good news? The president’s approval rating is at a two year high following the killing of OBL, what the hell is wrong with this country, and I don’t mean to lesion the impact of finally  getting that scum sucker, I am also willing to give credit where credit is due, he made the call, he green lighted the operation. Now don’t kid yourself he had no choice, if it ever leaked out that he had a chance and passed on it, he would be through, but again he made the call, and the right one in my opinion.
But for hells sake we are still paying four dollars a gallon for gas, inflation is running rampant and the deficit is at 1.6 Trillion dollars. We are talking now about raising the debt ceiling so we can increase that number. Do you not realize that when that happens we will be borrowing, and yes I said borrowing, because we do not have the money, three hundred and fifty million a day to pay the interest.
But hey he reduced taxes for 95% of Americans, however the last time I checked 47% of this country has zero tax liability, meaning they don’t pay any taxes so how do you give someone that does not pay taxes a tax break?
Yesterday while giving a speech in El Paso Texas he told those present that conservatives need to move on from the fence issue because it is now all but complete, (I am paraphrasing here) really, so why is Texas and Arizona starting a campaign to raise private funds to complete the fence project that the federal government canceled, wow, are they stupid or what, cant the see the fence they have, oh wait, maybe it is a stealth fence and cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you are not offended by the blatant hypocrisy of this president then you need to get out more.  
Oh yea and speaking of civil discourse he mocked the republican party by saying they will not be satisfied until there is a mote filled with alligators,  not that I am opposed to that if it works. Is this the guy who was going to change how Washington works, the great unite’r, the most transparent government in history, and the fix all for the economy, so out of all those promises how many has he kept, oh I don’t know none.
Here is the latest thing; Mrs. Obama is sponsoring a poetry day at the white house, and who is on the list, some clown name “Common” or some silly ass name like that, who in his so called art calls for the killing of cop’s and the murder of former president Bush. Oh yea that is one way to bring the country together.
The fact of the matter is this, the president and first lady don’t care about governing this nation, they are too busy being rock stars, and what happened to improving our standing in the world community, yea that one’s a bust too.
Here is my question to you. when are we going to stand up for our country, how much longer are we conservatives going to sit on the side lines and just let liberals shout us down, we are the majority in this country and yet we allow our country to fail in the name of political correctness. If you want to secure the border you are a resist, if you wanted the president of the United States to release his birth certificate then you are a racist. It’s enough, and it is time to get involved, the revolution is coming so stand up, I will stand with you.                  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Revolution; dare I say it.

This will be the start of a new blog setting for me, why? Well because maybe I have spent way too much time rambling and not enough time getting to the meat of my feelings.
So let’s get started shall we. It began like this, last weekend me, my wife and some friends were at the local racetrack just hanging, this drunk behind us starts getting really out of control, my buddy tried to talk to him, I tried to talk to him, but he was not having any of it, he continued to be loud and vulgar attempting to intimidate everyone around him. I took it as long as I could and then calmly got up and stepped in front of him. Yea ok that was bull, I got up and got in his face and said ok a—hole if you want to go then let’s go, at which time he decided to sit down and be quiet, well at least till latter on when he was safe in his car and driving away, he lowered his window about six inches and flipped me off.
A few days later I was watching the news and got upset, I can’t even remember about what, but I do remember my wife saying “honey you have a lot of rage in you”. Now when she said it I got angry, see a pattern here? I told her she is mistaking passion with rage, that’s when she reminded me of the race track incident, and I had to admit I could have controlled my anger a little better. So where am I going with all this, funny thing I don’t know, I do know this, I am sick and tired of the liberal PC world we now find ourselves in,  I am sick and tired of listing to liberals talk about how great this president is, and how bad Bush was, I mean what has he done different , Bush started the prescription drug subsidy, nimrod took over health care, Bush grew the Government, Obama grew it more, Bush led us in to two wars (not giving an endorsement either way, just stating a fact ) Obama took us into war in Libya, then invaded Pakistani. Again just stating a fact, Bush’s lack of oversight helped create the economy we have now, Obama had to one up him there too and really tank it. So what is it that the lib’s love so much about this guy?
So yea I have some pent up rage in me, but it’s not my fault, it was my government that sent me to war to see the awful thing s I saw (that parts true)  so I am a victim, I need help, yea, yea, what I need is for gas prices to go down so I can pull my camping trailer somewhere nice, what is that your saying lib’s, there are people in this country that can’t afford  a 29 foot camper with all the luxuries, news flash, I don’t care, I served my country for twenty years, I am now 50 or will be this year, and I work full time as does my wife, so we can enjoy life now and then, but what about the poor and oppressed in this country, oh give me a break would you, do something with your life I did, and now you want mine, well you can’t have it, I don’t know you and I don’t owe you.
So what do we need in this country, you guessed it, we need a middle class, conservative revolution. Yup that’s right I am calling for revolution, and why not the Lib’s do it all the time, La Raze calls for the return of California, Arizona and Texas to Mexico, by force if necessary, hey news flash morons it’s ours because we took it and we aint giving it back. The Black Panthers are calling for revolution for the sake of the oppressed, and then what BP’s once you get your revolution then what, well then all the white people become oppressed, but they deserved it right? Bunch of Racist Morons, yea I said it black people are racist, not all of them but a majority are, come on stop with the PC crap and say it out loud.
That is the revolution I am calling for, say it out loud, get off the side lines, next time someone says we should honor Muslim traditions tell them to bite you on the, well you know.
Just look how the Tea party supports are vilified, while Code Pink demonstrators call for the murder or enslavement of blacks. But do they get any criticism in the media, hell no, they are just members of the family that strayed; they just need a stern talking too because they didn’t mean what they said, HEY! They called for the hanging of Justice Thomas, and if not that said he should be returned to the fields, are you kidding me, and we are talking about the Tea Party.
Oh yea and one other thing, I am so sick and tired of people telling me to be careful not offend muslin nations or their people, you know what we are the US of A we don’t cower we never have. Hey you guys over there, “Mohammad was a drag queen who laid with naked with goats, and boy goats at that, I live in Utah, I go everywhere armed, so come get me you bunch of A-holes. “Whew” I don’t know about you but I feel better getting that off my chest.    
So there it is; it is time for a revolution, a peaceful one if possible, and if not I will stand with you……..    
God, Guns and Pick Up Trucks, you damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Make history or Repeat it?

I have a question; could someone out there tell me what is going on in Libya. Because I don’t know, is it not news, are people not engaged in conflict over there, why is it not the lead story on the news every night???? The hypocrisy of the liberal media is without boundaries, during the last administration reporters were salivating over every opportunity to describe how bad the war was going, how no WMD was found, how all these innocent civilians were killed by our bombs, how we didn’t have an exit strategy, I could go on and on and on, but I think you get it.
Now we can debate the logic of going into Iraqi and Afghanistan and I think that’s fair, personally I supported the decision, but you have a right to your own opinion.
Here is what you can’t debate; whether or not it was legal, when then President Bush followed the Constitution and pled his case to Congress, and Congress gave their blessing, and yes that includes Pelosi, Reed and the rest of that hypocritical crowd, so he is not a war criminal, that argument holds no water, again you can debate the right and wrong of it but not the legality. Now let’s fast forward to now, Mr. Obama to this date has still not appeared before Congress to my knowledge, so is this war legal, I say no, at least not according to the U.S. Constitution. But why would they let a little thing like the laws of our nation stand in their way, I mean they never have before.
Yes, yes I know we are not at war, we are supporting the UN and NATO defending a no fly zone, which would explain why we are bombing infantry and armored columns on the ground, you can kid yourself if you want to, but Mr. Obama has taken us to war and that’s a fact.
And where is the media on this, silent, could that be because when the man they have been protecting all this time is the one guilty of illegally taking us to war, could you imagine what would happen if Bush was still President, he would be crucified.
This is just more evidence of how the media is not trying to report the news but they are trying to fundamentally change our country as we know it. Yes boy’s and girl’s they have taken sides, it is no longer about giving the story to the American people, who have a right to know, it is about feeding an agenda and giving the poor uneducated, average citizen what he needs to have so he comes, only to the right conclusion, not to be confused with giving the facts so a well informed public can decided for itself.
If you think about it, it’s almost like we are not smart enough to hear the truth and come to a decision on our own, well not kind of it is exactly like that, and if you are not insulted you should be.
How many people have died in Libya since the bombing campaign started? How many noncombatants got caught up in, and killed by the fighting? Had this been Bush’s Iraq we would have the answers to that how come we don’t have them now.
In 1939 the fascist party in Germany; after years of information propaganda, emerged as the Nazi Party, they convinced the world that they just wanted to return Germany to the once great nation it was and had a right to extend its borders back to where they were when it was the Prussian Nation, so all of Europe and the world stood by as they pushed into Poland, and the Netherlands. After all it was a European problem. By the time the world figured it out, it was almost too late. Countries were in- slaved and some ten million people were marched to their death.
A very wise man by the name of George Santayana once said; those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it. Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them. see here is the secret that no one wants to tell you, there is only one truth, there is no grey area, no maybe his truth is not your truth, I actually heard that one used in a debate, “maybe your truth is not his truth so the conclusion is not the same” can you believe it. Look the truth is this, it is what it is and it stands on its own, that’s it.
I don’t want to sound like a dooms day or the end is near kind of guy; but the truth is we a closer than most of us know, we have to start making the hard choices and get this nation of ours back on course, do you really think that a year a ago countries like Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and others would have predicted what is going on there now…. If I had to guess I would say no. what makes it so hard to believe that it could not happen here?
Bottom line; I will not march quietly into the chamber, I will not cower in the dark and pretend I do not see what is going on all around me, and I will not stand by and allow the constitution to be trampled on by power hungry self serving politicians, I will make noise, I will be heard, I will tell the truth to all that will listen, I will not be fooled by lies and half truths. Because I am an American and we are the greatest nation in the history of the world. We should act like it……

Monday, March 28, 2011

Liberal Hypocrisy

Little known fact, my official retirement date from the Army is September 1, 2001. Ten days latter scum bag Muslim Extremists attacked our country and a lot of my friends went to war because of it, not all returned. I tried to go back into the Army but once your retirement is final there is no going back. My desire to return was not because I like war (I have been to war, I have no illusions about it) but because I love my country, and more important, I loved my brothers who were about to go back and felt my place was with them. What does this have to do with the title, nothing, I just wanted to give you some perspective on where I am coming from, so let’s get to it shall we. In 2001 or country was attacked, we all know that or should, our president at the time took his case to congress, they had all the same documentation that the president had and came to the same conclusion, Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and presented a clear and present danger to the US of A. Most of them voted for war. That includes Pelosi, Reed, Biden, and the late king of hypocrisy Kennedy, and when the war became unpopular the liberal media crucified President Bush. We also heard things like before I voted for it I voted against it, or we assumed he had an exit strategy. I can tell you what an exit strategy is win the damn thing then walk away with your head held high. We have now “invaded” another country, Libya for those of you who do not watch the news. And no permission was given by the congress. Ok civics lesson, according the constitution of the United States of America, (that’s us) Congress is a separate but co-equal branch of government and only congress can authorize the war powers act, but this president did not go to congress, he went to the UN, France, and the Arab League of Nations. But wait I don’t remember seeing any of those names printed in the Constitution, so why isn’t the press all over this, well hell read the title. During the height of the Iraq war when we were paying $4.00 dollars a gallon for gas the liberal media was calling for the head of then President Bush, “he is in bed with the oil companies they all shouted”, “we have to become independent of foreign oil”. Well here we are again, only now the current president says “go green” no more foreign oil, we need wind, solar, and hell who knows what else, oh I know, we can hook our power up to tread mills, out in our organic gardens (that one’s for you Michele) and we could run on it for part of the day to charge batteries that will provide power while we harvest our organic supper. Well if that is who he is then fine, but then tell my why he just offered to help set up drilling off the coast of Brazil, can’t be, you say, oh yea I say. So here is where he stands, he shuts down production in the US, pays for it in Brazil, then tells us we need independence from foreign oil. Do you know in which country the largest deposits of crude oil and natural gas can be found? Well if you said the US then bingo. So again where is the liberal media on this one, well you know. The fact is everything this clown does he gets a pass on, because he is the one they chose to lead us into the Promised Land, and they can’t admit they made a mistake, because to do that would require them to acknowledge that Bush was not as bad as they made him out to be. I am not going to sit here and tell you I have a problem with the invasion of Libya; yes dear readers no matter how they spin it, or whether or not they put boots on the ground, Libya is a solvent nation and we and the other members of the coalition invaded it. But as I stated I am ok with that, my problem is this, don’t serve me hotdogs and try to convince me I am eating steak, just tell me what you are doing, I know what you are thinking what the heck is Rick Rambling on about now (shameless plug for my blog name). OK I will break it down, we “say” we went in to establish a no fly zone to prevent the slaughter of Libyan people by the national air force, then why are we bombing Infantry and Armor units. Here are the facts when crazy guy Kaddafi used his air force he was pounding back the rebel forces, now the rebel’s are using the coalition air power to lead the fight and they are pounding back the Libyan army, we are using them as our boots on the ground. Again I am ok with that, but just say that, tell the truth and let the voters decide, take a stand. One more thing, we know that per-capita Libya sent more people to kill Americans in Iraq than any other country in the Middle East, so shouldn’t we at least be sure we are supporting a rebellion that may be of benefit to us, I mean are we protecting people that have murdered American heroes? One last thought; by our illustrious presidents reasoning on why we are in Libya are we also going into Syria, and what about Darfur, they have been eradicating Christians there for years and we do nothing about it and the press never mentions it; hypocrisy, I say yes. Oh yea, could someone ask Obocrsy when we are going to Yemen, I almost forgot that one.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What would FDR do????

Jim DeMint (R-SC) says there should be no collective bargaining for government employees, wow, very bold stand, and I say bravo Jim. Yea I know what some of your thinking. “We need to protect the American worker” “how could you be against the worker” “you are a racist, intolerant, homo-fobe” (that last one is the liberal go too) everyone that disagrees with them gets that title, just trust me on this one.

Ok before you get your knickers in a bunch let me tell you why I agree with Mr. DeMint. First and foremost there is a big difference between private sector unions and public sector unions. First and this is big; when private sector unions come to the table to collectively bargain for their members there are a lot of things they must consider, not all of it has to do with the membership, for one thing they are bound to help keep a company solvent, why? Because if the company goes under then all the negotiation in the world won’t help the employees, makes sense, right?

So there is a lot of incentive to do what is best for the employee while making concessions that also benefit the company, here in reality world we call that a win, win.

Ok let me hit the pause button here for a sec, I know some of you are thinking that I am just pro business and don’t care about the common worker, well you’re wrong, I like to think I am a common worker, yes I make a good wage, but it did not happen overnight, I worked hard for 20 years in the Army, then I worked hard at my own business, now I work hard as a safety professional, I will be 50 this year and I got to where I am because I worked hard,(are you catching the theme here) nothing was ever handed to me, nor have I ever asked for anything but the chance to prove myself. Look; I think anyone doing a fair job should be paid a fair wage, and I don’t begrudge anyone for working their way into the millionaire ranks, I do really, really, really wish I could join them. (Another theme there did you catch it?) Anyway where was I, oh yea, fair wage for fair work, I do believe that the market place should dictate what that wage should be, you see, and try to stay with me, when you work you are selling your labor, the more you are worth the more you’ll make, in addition there is this thing called, supply and demand, which allows market place to dictate what a job is worth, more demand, higher pay, sounds simple to me.

Now back to collective bargaining; I am not against it, I have no problem when employees get together nominate a representative to collectively bargain on their behalf, but keep it centralized within your own company, why does it have to be an outsider or a corporate size union doing it? Just look at the auto industry and what the UAW has done, they have collective bargained factories out of union states and into right to work states, no unions there just fair wages for fair work, or worse, out of the country. Does anyone not find it ironic that foreign car manufactures are setting up shop in southern “right to work” states, while American car makers are moving operations to Canada and Brazil. And let me ask you this; if being in a union is such a great deal then why does it have to be mandatory, I mean if it is sooooo good wouldn’t everyone want to join.

So back to public sector unions; what do I have a problem with, just this, they do not have to do what is best for the worker and the company, why pray tell, because it is taxpayer money, it has no bottom, it won’t run dry, well maybe not. It is one thing when you negotiate with a company that deals in profit and loss, it is another when you negotiate with taxpayer dollars, that is not subject to profit and loss, you just continue to drain those in the private sector, and taxes go up, and fewer jobs are created and, well you know the rest just look around at what’s going on in our country.

You know I think it’s great how Dem’s and Liberals love to bloviate on the greatest Democratic President of the 20th century “FDR” sometimes referd to as the Paton Saint of the American Labor movement, I wonder what he would have to say about public sector unions, oh wait, I have it right here. "...

Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the government. All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations ... The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for ... officials ... to bind the employer ... The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives ...

"Particularly, I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees. Upon employees in the federal service rests the obligation to serve the whole people ... This obligation is paramount ... A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent ... to prevent or obstruct ... Government ... Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government ... is unthinkable and intolerable."

Wow that just about says it all, does it not? So before we run out into the streets with our grass roots movement supported by corporate money provided by George Soros let’s read, and dare I say, heed the words of the great one, yea I am gloating just a little, why? Because what argument are you going to use now……..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you Hear the Silence

Why is it whenever a conservative says something “provocative” or controversial the liberals all run around screaming the sky is falling? But when a liberal says something insensitive and dare I say it, ignorant the silence in deafening.

Ok Rick (that’s what I call myself; Rick) what are you rambling on about now, well let me give you just a couple of examples.

At a Code Pink Rally demonstrators say on TV they would like to see Justice Clarence Thomas impeached and sent back to the fields. Well wait a minute is that not a Racist statement, noooo not if you’re a liberal, some of the other comments were hang him and his wife, and oh yea, let’s not forget send Justice Scalia back to Sicily, wait a minute is that not a Racist statement, that’s right I forgot, not if you are a liberal.

And as you could imagine the silence is deafening from the left, we did get guys like the esteemed Reverend Jessie Jackson, you remember him he is the God fearing man the 20 kids from 20 women that he won’t even clam, what a pillar, calling into radio stations and doing the whole tap dance, you know these are fringe elements these are not reprehensive of the movement. Well that’s a lie, the truth is if you so much as disagree with the policies of Obama you are a racist. No not true it just makes you better educated and informed the 90% on the left.

Ok next example of the tolerant left; on the 11th of Feb. a CBS reporter is in Egypt covering the celebration in Tahrir Square after Egyptian President Mubarak stepped down, she was attacked and sexually assaulted, repeatedly by a large crowd, described as an unsavory element within the crowd, really? Well let’s not be too harsh in our description of these scum sucking animals. Wait it gets more disgusting. A very liberal Professor at NYU tweets after hearing the news "Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger," Apparently she had made statements in support of Gen. McChrystal after the Rolling Stones article that cost him his job, well hell then she deserved it right?

The fact is this young lady’s life was destroyed, she could have lost her life, she was brutalized, but MR NYU Liberal could care a less because she has a different ideology, and don’t kid yourself this is not the fringe this is mainstream liberal ideology.

It’s all agenda driven, Bush is a war monger and a war criminal, Obama sends drones into Pakistan and nothing. Bush is in bed with the oil companies, the gas prices are now over 3 bucks a gallon and nothing. Bush gives illegal no bid contracts to Halliburton, Obama names Jeff Imelt to his economics commission, (the CEO of GE) a company that out sources 60 percent of its production, and is currently acquiring oil and gas companies, and guess what, that’s right, nothing.

Don’t kid yourself there is a War going on in this country, here is what it comes down to, freedom, or one party socialist rule, here is what you arm yourself with, knowledge, left wing ideology cannot survive the truth.

Friday, January 21, 2011


You know what really burns my rear (other than a flame about 3 ft tall) sorry could not help myself, and what the hell it is my blog. Anyway; what really burns me is how Mr. Obama can stand up and give a great speech in Arizona and absolutely no one on the left listens.

Yes that is correct I did give some credit to the President, but you have to give credit where credit is due, do I believe he meant it. No, I do not, I did, when he spoke I was impressed but the very next day members of his party were right back at it, attacking conservatives and trying to shut them up. Ask yourself this question, why are they so afraid of people like Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck and Sara Palin. We hear all the time from the left how stupid they are how irrelevant they are, after all they are not real journalists like Bill Maher, sorry couldn’t help myself.

Anyway my point is if they are so irrelevant then why not ignore them? You know like NPR, PBR, ABC, CNN and CSNBC are ignored. Sorry went there again didn’t I. well if the polls are any indication of the truth then FOX NEWS is clearly reaching more people, that’s what really scares them, and since the numbers continue to grow then we have to assume that mainstream America is moving more to the right of center, well that’s not true, we have always been a right of center country, the difference is now we are ignoring the 15% minority that always screams the loudest, or as I like to refer to them as the wacked out minority, but that’s just me.

So getting back to where I started before I started to ramble, those of you who know me will understand. The president gave a great speech, he said things like “we need more civility in our discourse” “as a country it is a time to heal” “this was the act of a single deranged person”, I may have paraphrased there a little but you get the idea, and the point of it all is this, it was not 24 hours before left wing nut jobs, some of them elected officials, came out and started throwing bombs at all their favorite targets. One Democratic Leader compared Republicans to the Nazi Party; the message was we are lying to the American people much the way Nazi’s lied about Jew’s, laying the ground work for the holocaust. Really, I mean really. You want to take a wild shot at how many in the mainstream media called him out on that, you got it zero.

This one is kind of sad; one of the Tucson Az. Victims, a 62 year old man who was shot in the leg, with a history of lift wing bomb throwing, after being released from the hospital was, of course, swarmed over by the left wing media, and held up as an example of the great liberal America, was arrested and committed for mental health evaluation after attending an ABC sponsored event, also at the event was a Sr. Tea Party organizer, he held up a picture of the gentleman and told him he is “dead”, civil enough for you. Oh but that’s not all, in a prior interview he made the statement, and I am paraphrasing again, he would like to make necklaces of I believe it was Sara Palin’s, Rush Limbaugh’s, and Dick Cheney’s ears.

Wow that is one tolerant man, the point is you may be hearing this for the first time, because ABC did not report on it, even though it was an event sponsored by them, as a matter of fact no one, with the exception of FOX NEWS, and the Washington Post reported on the story, gee I wonder why. Ask yourself this, if Sara Palin would have given an interview with some small town news agency in Alaska and said something like, oh I don’t know, the only good Liberal progressive is a dead liberal progressive, my sentiment not hers. How many news agencies do you think would run it as a lead story? My guess all of them.

I have rambled on and on just to get to this point, where is the Great Unite’r in all this, why is Mr. Obama not making clear to his party that he wants more civil discourse in day to day politics, and don’t kid yourself if he says it, it will happen, the truth is he did not mean a damn word of what he said in Arizona, he wants the right demonized, why you ask, because it is not about what is good for America, it is about winning in 2012, and keeping power, and it is not unique to the Dem’s but it really is about money and power, and as long as the American people stand for it, it will continue. You want more civil discourse? Then demand it, turn away from left and right bomb throwers, we need to demand that issues are debated and turn away from the intentional distracters. That is how everyone wins. Truth will set you free.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Never Waste an Opportunity

Over the last weekend some deranged sociopath goes on a shooting spree, I am sure everyone by now knows everything about it and the crazy person that perpetrated it. “Since it has been in the news just a little”, you would have to be way out of touch to have not heard about it. Well low and behold, the victims are not even buried yet and the left wing “Destroy America Machine” is in high gear. It would seem the mainstream media has worn out the blame Bush rhetoric, so they are now targeting Palin. Wow, I am shocked.
From all the reports I have heard this guy was his own kind of whack job, his favorite book listed on his my space account was the communist manifesto, don’t think that makes him very conservative, but on the other hand he apparently had no trust in the government, didn’t want open borders, and was mad about people in his district for not being well educated, not sure where he was going with that. The point I am trying to make is this guy was just what he is, a very deranged person. And really back when Sara Palin used bull’s-eyes to identify the democratic seats that were being targeted did anyone really look at that and say, “Look she is advocating violence”. If they did I would submit to you that they were also a little off.
Here is what angers me the most about this whole tragedy, six people have lost their lives, one of them an innocent nine year old girl, and the New York Times is professing a link between Tea Party members, and conservatives in general, that fail to support the current administration with not only advocating violence, but insinuating that conservatives have incited the events that have occurred. I say again Wow, how low you can get, this is despicable and if you don’t see it you are blind, this is not reporting the news this is pushing an agenda. It’s almost like some deranged person saying “man this is horrible; lucky for us we can use it”.
Whatever happened to honest and vigorous debate in our country, it is after all what the founding fathers intended. That is why we have a two party system, because it allows for compromise and the benefactors of that are generally the American people. And that’s good. So when did we become so one sighted that we see every tragedy as an opportunity to push forward our agenda. Please could we just morn for the lives of those lost, could we first grieve before we blame.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Grass Roots or Extremist

Today I was listing to a republican and a democrat pundit on a talk radio show and the gist of the conversation was ( and yes I know they are talking points on both sides) how the president needs to move to the center if he wants to regain support from the independents and moderates in his own party. While I agree with this, I also doubt he has the capacity to do so. Not because he is stupid as some believe, because he certainly is not that, what he is, is an ideologue and a true believer in his vision and agenda. Anyway I digress. (As is normal for me) I was shocked to hear the democratic pundit say and I am paraphrasing, “the current republican majority is going to have to move more to the center, because the American people see them as Tea Party controlled and to far right for the good of the country”, Wow. I had to stop because I was so confused; didn’t we just have an election where the American people clearly stated which direction they want to government to go? And I believe that was more to the right then center, or am I crazy. And as for being controlled by the Tea Party movement, I hope so.
About that, we are going to hear a lot of left wing pundits over this next year talk about republicans and conservatives, (no the two are not necessarily the same) scream about the republican party’s unwillingness to compromise, or accuse them of being the party of no. this is a distraction aimed at regaining power, they did it during the lame duck session, why? Because they counted on the fact that while the American people knew the election results they would forget that the Dem’s still held the majority. So it was not the republicans they could not bring to the table, it was their own party, but they couldn’t say that now could they.
Tea Party; I would describe the movement as advocates for fiscal responsibility, smaller government, free market principles and conservative values. However if you talk to someone on the left they are an extreme special interest organization controlled by some large, rich white organization that no one can name. Why is it if you are a liberal movement you are grass roots, but if you are conservative you are controlled by the evil white empire. Yea baby; because Media Matters is not supported or controlled by a guy named George Soros, he does not providing millions in funding for NPR, you remember them, (National Propaganda Radio) and Code Pink is strictly a grass roots operation, yea right.
So the rule is this, if you are white and have a job, you have no voice on the direction of this country, I mean where do you get off expecting everyone to earn their own way, and demanding a government that supports sound economic policies, I mean how dare you, you extremist! Don’t you know in order to be a grass roots American, “and you don’t have to be an American”, you have to be a minority and looking for a hand out, then you are the real deal, yes I know that last statement will offend some, I just don’t care, let me tell you why. Today I saw a picture on the internet of a Hispanic (don’t know if he was legal or not) carrying a sign that read “ America we want more money, free housing and cars, you owe us and we will keep killing Arizona border agents until we get it”. I don’t even know what to say to that, but if he is grass roots and I am an extremist, then ok, that’s what I am, because I don’t want to be him.
So the moral of today’s blog is this; over the next year or two the Liberals are going to accuse conservatives of everything from immoral behavior to being out of touch with Americans, they will talk about anything but the truth, which is that pillars of the country like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid are the reason we are in the mess we are in, let’s not forget that a year before the Dem’s took power consumer confidence was at a 25 year high and unemployment was 4% nationally, and Dem’s were still running around talking about how bad the economy was. That was so they could take power, well they have had to for 4 years and we see the result. So let me just ask you this. If George Bush was still the President do you think we would talk more about the current price of gas?