Tuesday, August 9, 2011

America the used to be

I don’t mean to imply that this nation of ours is not a great nation, I still believe it is, but for how long? I will be 50 in a few weeks and while that is not that old, it does mean that I have seen some changes in my life time, and I am not talking about i-phones, mp-3’s or flat screen TV’s, all of which I have, not to mention the Lap Top I am typing on or the internet I intend to post this on, the information age has connected the world in ways I would not have been able to imagine when I was a kid, and let me give a shout out to “spell check” possibly the greatest break through since the 4-door pickup truck.   
Here is what I mean; we used to have hero’s, and I don’t mean the comic book kind, I am talking about the men and women who dared to go into space, the guy who broke the sound barrier on the salt flats in Utah. Audi Murphy the undersized farm boy from North Texas who could not even get into the Marines, then went on to become the most decorated soldier of WWll. When I was a child I stood in school and said the pledge of allegiance, facing the flag that hung in every class room, and I knew I was special because God had blessed me and made me an American, yea I know that seems harsh when you consider all the people of the world that were not blessed to be here, but I was and this is still a great nation, we are great because of where we came from. We were the persecuted of the world, we braved a new world to escape poverty and persecution for religious beliefs, we didn’t walk into some deal where we were handed everything, our ancestors worked, fought and died to make this nation great.
When Europe was threatened not once but twice, this nation answered the call, we fought and died for the cause of freedom and we took no land except enough to bury or dead, we asked no reparations, and our troops came home to a hero’s welcome for doing the right thing, not for us but for humanity. Now we have elected officials accusing soldiers of targeting noncombatants, not because it is true but because it will get him votes in his district.
The President goes around the world on the great American apology tour, he in acts policies that are destroying our nation, and if you disagree with him, you are a resist, so much for free speech.
We are no vilified for our belief in God, while the ACLU will defend anyone’s right to be liberal but ignore someone’s right to pray in public, we live in a world where women’s rights originations will defend a women’s right to be liberal but vilify a conservative women while calming to be dedicated to the advancement of all women.
I ask again; where are the heroes. In 1944 at the battle of Bastogne the 101st Air Borne Division found themselves cut off and surrounded, caught in freezing weather without proper winter clothing, when the commander of the German forces offered to allow an honorable surrender, that he would feed and provide medical care to the beleaguered Americans. Gen McAuliffe the commander of the 101st sent back a one word reply, “Nuts”. Kind of silly by today’s vocal standards, but that one word said all he wanted to say, and when the word got around to the troops they cheered and became more determined to hold out. What was it that mad the Gen. such a great man, he didn’t wear a cape, he was never featured in a comic book, no he was just another American, one that believed in American Greatness.
Today our children are not taught of these great men and women, they are not taught of the greatness of our nation, or our true history, they don’t understand that the greatness of our flag is the fact that it was borne in battle, that it stands for freedom, no one has told them that this nation has given more and bled more for the cause of freedom then any nation on this planet.  
So what do we do? We do what we have always done, we fight, we fight for freedom for the protection of our way of life and our constitution, I am not saying take to the streets and declare war, although if we continue down this path it may come to that, one only needs to look at Great Britain, France, Spain and Greece. To deny it could happen here is tantamount to sticking your head in the sand. But if conservative voices speak out, if we pay attention to who we elect, if we demand that our representatives, represent us and not just themselves, if we hold them accountable, and that includes the liberal press that feed us propaganda and not the news, by the way did you know we are at war in Libya? And if not you should demand to know. The point is get involved let’s not let this Republic fall, defend what is ours, we can’t wait for heroes, we have to be heroes. And if a time comes when we have to take to the streets, I like our ancestors will stand with you to defeat tyranny.