Friday, September 17, 2010

People V Party

This week we have seen some of the worst in Party Partisan Politics; in Delaware little known Christine O'Donnell beats out well known Mike Castle. And the good ol’ boy network in the Republican Party went insane. Oh now we’ve done it, we just gave the seat back to the Democrats, she can’t win, and oh by the way how can she be a fiscal conservative when it took her 20 years to pay back student loans. “REALLY” “REALLY” I mean “REALLY”. Is that all you got, or the best you can do, let me clue you in on some reality, I am 49 years old still taking collage courses and “wait for it” still paying off student loans, oh no I must not be conservative. Well let’s look at that shall we, I live within a budget, I do not live above my means, I pay my bills every month on time, including my student loans, which are not subsidized by the government, oh hell I must be a conservative.

A lot of pro’s, like Carle Rowe say we need to follow a play book and nominate only those that they believe can win so we can win the majority in the house and senate. “Ok so let’s look at that”. Castle votes with Democrats on everything, and I mean everything!, government health care, stimulus, cap and tax, oh yea, and that little thing about voting to send forward the articles of impeachment for George Bush, but he explained that by saying he wanted to make the Democrats debate it in public, really, how about this “take a stand”.

So this is the guy the Republican Party wants us to get behind. Well here is what I say, we do not need to get behind the Republican Party or any other Party, they need to get behind us, they do not decide the direction of our party, “we do”. And oh by the way, this Castle Clown aint no Republican. Wait I forgot he is a moderate, which is a way of saying he lives in a mostly Democratic region and would be expectable to Liberals. Tell you a secret, I don’t care about being expectable to Liberals, I don’t agree with their vision of America and have no desire to appease them.

This is no longer about Party Politics, it is about conservatism, I will no longer buy into, lets nominate those that can win, “I say no” lets nominate those that will represent our values and beliefs, and if we fail so be it, that is the will of the majority and I can live with that, I cannot live with those who are willing to comprise right and wrong just to win, that is called politics, now it’s the time for representation.