Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have you Noticed

Has anyone else noticed that this election cycle started just a tad early? Did you notice that for the first time we have been inundated with republican debate after debate? Has anyone else noticed that even more than usual the president of the united Democratic Party (yea I got that right) is sending his attack dogs after perceived front runners? Has anyone, and I mean anyone noticed that while Hussein the horrible talks of the need for compromise, he is really saying my way or we will grind your name in the dirt? Ok just one more question, if the Republicans are so against creating jobs for Americans then why have they sent some twenty jobs bills to the Senate that “Lord Reid” has tabled and refused to allow any  debate on?
I admit that I am a news junky, I watch it all the time, I listen to it on my satellite radio, (that I have in both our vehicles, and a portable I keep in the house) yes I stream conservative talk radio on my computer at work so I can listen to the issues while I am working, I read the news and blog sites, when a new book comes out I read it, so it is fair to say I am fairly well informed. My point is when I hear some idiot being disingenuous about how one side or the other is not allowing this or that or not willing to compromise I can get angry and yell at the TV or radio, ask my wife, she will inadvertently look at me and say “you know they can’t hear you, don’t you” my point is I am pretty well informed, but most people are not, they hear Hussein the horrible say Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class to help keep taxes down on the rich in this country, and they believe it.
Here is a favorite of Hussein the horrible, “all Americans should be willing to pay their fair share.” He is insinuating that everyone has a stake, or, is paying something, but 47% of this country pays no tax at all, and a good many of those people not only pay no taxes but receive a check form the government each year, so they pay nothing and receive money at the end of the year, money taken from those who do pay in, anyone know what that is called? Let me help you out, that’s called wealth redistribution. So here is what HTH (that stands for Hussein the horrible) is really saying we need to take more form the job creators, more form the real tax payers and redistribute that wealth to those who tend to vote for Democrats. What, did you think they really cared about the poor working man, no that’s a farce, they care about votes, come on they make millions of dollars off insider trading, and fly around in privet jets, live the high life and want to keep the party going, what, really, you thought they cared about you, and I am talking about both parties, although I would argue that Democrats are by far the worst. Remember when Princess Pelosi said she was going to drain the swamp? What she meant was, we are going to go after the Republicans while protecting our own.
So what is my point you may be asking yourself right about now; just this, the average person in this country is more worried about who gets voted off dancing with the stars then who gets voted into the white house, think of this, more Americans vote in the American Idol finally then vote in national elections. Again what is my point? Just this; it is up to us, the well informed, we need to be out informing and preaching conservative values, since the average person is not going to Google candidates it is up to you and me, so be informed and share the truth every chance you get. We live in a country on the edge if you are going to save it for our children and their children we need to stand up and shout at those who would fundamentally change this great nation, “no more” we are going to defend our freedom and our way of life. As always do not be afraid to stand up and be counted, I and those like me will stand with you. The conservative revolution starts now; our greatest weapon is the truth use it and we will take America back. God Bless you and yours.