Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Anti-Semite, administration

Not sure if everyone is aware of this but Friday the 4th of June 2010, our esteemed Eric Holder (Attorney General) was the Key note speaker to the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC) in Washington DC , which is ok with me except for a few things.
He spent most of his time vowing to “vigorously prosecute “all hate crimes against Muslims, ok, I am ok with that, all law abiding citizens in this country deserve equal protection, I do have a problem with him leaving out the fact Muslim Extremists in this country and abroad carry out hate crimes all the time, i.e. the Ft Hood massacre, something he conveniently left out of his oh so eloquent speech, “yes I read the speech, all of it”.
And oh yea; he did manage to denounce racial profiling while blaming it on George Bush, saying that loop holes in the law were put there so there administration could circumvent the law, well hell yea, didn’t you know it was GW that invented racial profiling, give me a break, but the current administration has made it a policy to blame every wrong on the last administration, so why stop now.
Right about now you are wondering what does any of this have to do with the title, a little, but I was rambling as usual, hence the name of the Blog.
Ok, getting to the point, the ADC is funded and backed by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who once implied that the attacks of 9/11 were provoked by the US, very nice, in addition the ADC has known ties to Hamas, an Anti-Semite terrorist organization.
You couple that with the fact that since taking office the President has visited three Muslim countries to reassure Muslim’s that we are not at war with Islam (and I agree, we are not) we are at war with extremists that pervert the teachings of Islam, however, Israel, one of our strongest allies has received no visits from our esteemed president.
You add that to the fact that the president of Mexico while visiting the US is given a lavish state dinner and is allowed to address Congress, when the Prime minister of Israel visited all he rated was a hush, hush meeting with the President, where by all accounts the President took a hard line with Israeli policies.
So I am going to say this but first, I am not a nut case, I don’t hold with the truth-ers belief that Obama is not an American (although for a guy who promised a completely transparent administration he sure is reluctant to make public his birth certificate) also I am not willing to call him a Muslim, although I do believe his sporadic appearances at church are politically motivated, but that’s just my opinion.
But he did reportedly attend a Wahhabi Muslim school as a boy, now I am not implying that he is one, just that he was exposed to Anti-Semite teachings at some time in his young life, now you will have to form your own opinion, but you take all these examples and I have to believe that the current policies of this administration are definitely Anti-Semite.