Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conservatives need to wake up

Have you heard the good news? The president’s approval rating is at a two year high following the killing of OBL, what the hell is wrong with this country, and I don’t mean to lesion the impact of finally  getting that scum sucker, I am also willing to give credit where credit is due, he made the call, he green lighted the operation. Now don’t kid yourself he had no choice, if it ever leaked out that he had a chance and passed on it, he would be through, but again he made the call, and the right one in my opinion.
But for hells sake we are still paying four dollars a gallon for gas, inflation is running rampant and the deficit is at 1.6 Trillion dollars. We are talking now about raising the debt ceiling so we can increase that number. Do you not realize that when that happens we will be borrowing, and yes I said borrowing, because we do not have the money, three hundred and fifty million a day to pay the interest.
But hey he reduced taxes for 95% of Americans, however the last time I checked 47% of this country has zero tax liability, meaning they don’t pay any taxes so how do you give someone that does not pay taxes a tax break?
Yesterday while giving a speech in El Paso Texas he told those present that conservatives need to move on from the fence issue because it is now all but complete, (I am paraphrasing here) really, so why is Texas and Arizona starting a campaign to raise private funds to complete the fence project that the federal government canceled, wow, are they stupid or what, cant the see the fence they have, oh wait, maybe it is a stealth fence and cannot be seen by the naked eye. If you are not offended by the blatant hypocrisy of this president then you need to get out more.  
Oh yea and speaking of civil discourse he mocked the republican party by saying they will not be satisfied until there is a mote filled with alligators,  not that I am opposed to that if it works. Is this the guy who was going to change how Washington works, the great unite’r, the most transparent government in history, and the fix all for the economy, so out of all those promises how many has he kept, oh I don’t know none.
Here is the latest thing; Mrs. Obama is sponsoring a poetry day at the white house, and who is on the list, some clown name “Common” or some silly ass name like that, who in his so called art calls for the killing of cop’s and the murder of former president Bush. Oh yea that is one way to bring the country together.
The fact of the matter is this, the president and first lady don’t care about governing this nation, they are too busy being rock stars, and what happened to improving our standing in the world community, yea that one’s a bust too.
Here is my question to you. when are we going to stand up for our country, how much longer are we conservatives going to sit on the side lines and just let liberals shout us down, we are the majority in this country and yet we allow our country to fail in the name of political correctness. If you want to secure the border you are a resist, if you wanted the president of the United States to release his birth certificate then you are a racist. It’s enough, and it is time to get involved, the revolution is coming so stand up, I will stand with you.                  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Revolution; dare I say it.

This will be the start of a new blog setting for me, why? Well because maybe I have spent way too much time rambling and not enough time getting to the meat of my feelings.
So let’s get started shall we. It began like this, last weekend me, my wife and some friends were at the local racetrack just hanging, this drunk behind us starts getting really out of control, my buddy tried to talk to him, I tried to talk to him, but he was not having any of it, he continued to be loud and vulgar attempting to intimidate everyone around him. I took it as long as I could and then calmly got up and stepped in front of him. Yea ok that was bull, I got up and got in his face and said ok a—hole if you want to go then let’s go, at which time he decided to sit down and be quiet, well at least till latter on when he was safe in his car and driving away, he lowered his window about six inches and flipped me off.
A few days later I was watching the news and got upset, I can’t even remember about what, but I do remember my wife saying “honey you have a lot of rage in you”. Now when she said it I got angry, see a pattern here? I told her she is mistaking passion with rage, that’s when she reminded me of the race track incident, and I had to admit I could have controlled my anger a little better. So where am I going with all this, funny thing I don’t know, I do know this, I am sick and tired of the liberal PC world we now find ourselves in,  I am sick and tired of listing to liberals talk about how great this president is, and how bad Bush was, I mean what has he done different , Bush started the prescription drug subsidy, nimrod took over health care, Bush grew the Government, Obama grew it more, Bush led us in to two wars (not giving an endorsement either way, just stating a fact ) Obama took us into war in Libya, then invaded Pakistani. Again just stating a fact, Bush’s lack of oversight helped create the economy we have now, Obama had to one up him there too and really tank it. So what is it that the lib’s love so much about this guy?
So yea I have some pent up rage in me, but it’s not my fault, it was my government that sent me to war to see the awful thing s I saw (that parts true)  so I am a victim, I need help, yea, yea, what I need is for gas prices to go down so I can pull my camping trailer somewhere nice, what is that your saying lib’s, there are people in this country that can’t afford  a 29 foot camper with all the luxuries, news flash, I don’t care, I served my country for twenty years, I am now 50 or will be this year, and I work full time as does my wife, so we can enjoy life now and then, but what about the poor and oppressed in this country, oh give me a break would you, do something with your life I did, and now you want mine, well you can’t have it, I don’t know you and I don’t owe you.
So what do we need in this country, you guessed it, we need a middle class, conservative revolution. Yup that’s right I am calling for revolution, and why not the Lib’s do it all the time, La Raze calls for the return of California, Arizona and Texas to Mexico, by force if necessary, hey news flash morons it’s ours because we took it and we aint giving it back. The Black Panthers are calling for revolution for the sake of the oppressed, and then what BP’s once you get your revolution then what, well then all the white people become oppressed, but they deserved it right? Bunch of Racist Morons, yea I said it black people are racist, not all of them but a majority are, come on stop with the PC crap and say it out loud.
That is the revolution I am calling for, say it out loud, get off the side lines, next time someone says we should honor Muslim traditions tell them to bite you on the, well you know.
Just look how the Tea party supports are vilified, while Code Pink demonstrators call for the murder or enslavement of blacks. But do they get any criticism in the media, hell no, they are just members of the family that strayed; they just need a stern talking too because they didn’t mean what they said, HEY! They called for the hanging of Justice Thomas, and if not that said he should be returned to the fields, are you kidding me, and we are talking about the Tea Party.
Oh yea and one other thing, I am so sick and tired of people telling me to be careful not offend muslin nations or their people, you know what we are the US of A we don’t cower we never have. Hey you guys over there, “Mohammad was a drag queen who laid with naked with goats, and boy goats at that, I live in Utah, I go everywhere armed, so come get me you bunch of A-holes. “Whew” I don’t know about you but I feel better getting that off my chest.    
So there it is; it is time for a revolution, a peaceful one if possible, and if not I will stand with you……..    
God, Guns and Pick Up Trucks, you damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!