Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking about “What”?

Has anyone noticed lately that we are talking about everything except what matters? We hear so much about proposed gun bans and universal back ground checks, then there are women in combat and today “MR President” unveils a hundred and sixty pages of regulations for healthier snacks in our nation’s school lunch programs. Really, we need a hundred and sixty pages to tell us not to eat Twinkies? Oh wait, I forgot we can’t get those anymore. The unions destroyed that company and they didn’t qualify for a bail out because they are, were, headquartered in a right to work state.   
Has anyone else noticed that it is one thing after another and whatever it is gets all the coverage in the fascist news media? I wonder why that is?
Your right I am going to tell you, no I am not going to lay out a lot of facts because I don’t have the proof.  Now I could tell you that unemployment is rising again, even though James “Crony” Carney” would like us to believe that it is trending up, or that we have seen three straight years of positive growth, that’s what they call 1.5%, some would call that anemic or stagnate.  But not this administration and the fascist media just keep on covering up the truth.
So what’s it really about? Well most news stories have about a two week shelf life, although this administration and the fascist media have managed to really stretch that in to about a two to three month self-life. The fact is the more Mr. President can keep the nation talking about gun control, which he knows he won’t get, women in combat, which I doubt will really happen, and school nutrition, the less he has to talk about the economy.
We were told by the President that if he got his stimulus, if he got cash for clunkers, (remember that one) if he got Obama care, if we bailed out GM and Chrysler, if we gave money to insurance and mortgage companies that were too big to fail unemployment would be under 5% by now and the deficient would be half of what it currently is.
Now that’s a pretty dismal record, and I don’t care how many earthquakes or Arab springs we had, the truth is with a record like that I would want to change the national conversation too, and that is just what they have done.