Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It’s Happening Again

Breaking news; a teacher speaking to the press during occupy, what are they occupying anyway? It started out as occupy wall street, but they are really in a park near wall street, and it is now national and it is the same theme everywhere, sleep in a park and don’t shower. So maybe it’s a stink up the public park movement. Interesting side note, here in Utah there are some people camping out in a place called Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City, which is also where a lot of homeless people tend to camp out and they have started complaining to police that they are being denied their park, just found it kind of funny.
Anyway back to this nut job teacher in California, apparently during an interview she stated, and I am paraphrasing, “The Zionist Jew’s that run Wall Street need to be run out of this country”. I don’t even know how to address a statement like that, I mean talk about racist statements, now in all fairness I did hear she got fired, as she should have been, what scares me is what has she been teaching the kids in her class? I would be willing to bet it was more than the three “R’s”. The real shock is that they actually fired her, it that part is true, in Cali I figured they would run her for congress or something.
You know it would be funny it wasn’t so scary, this is not an isolated incident, it is a fairly common theme that we are starting to see across the country. I told you in my last blog that this is how it starts, first they demand “what is rightfully ours” whatever that is, then they take it by force, first they blame a certain segment of society, then they round them up and put them in camps, it has happened before. Look we are already starting to see a wide spread movement that denies the Holocaust, now we are starting to see people blame the Jew’s for all the wrongs in this country, do I sound paranoid to you? I bet I do, but in 1939 they sounded paranoid too.
Look at the protests in Europe, if you think it can’t happen here you are naïve, we are headed down that road if we don’t stand up for our country and our selves. We are a country where individuals have the same rights, where every voice has value, so why is it conservatives are being drowned out, the main street press no longer reports the news, they have taken sides, which by the way fascism, controlling the message. We have an administration that seeks to govern by executive order, that’s ruling by decree, “ruling” not to be confused with governing.
What’s next they come for our guns, because in order to rule you first have to control the message, we know that’s happening, next you have to remove the ability for people to defend themselves, and lastly you have to control the people, we see that happening through big government programs turning our country into a welfare state. When you have done all that you round up the dissenter, that’s when the camps open.
We as a nation are surrendering our individual rights and it needs to stop, conservatives need to make their voices heard, before we lose the right to be heard. Speaking as an American Jew I will not give up my rights, my voice counts and I will make it heard, I will not surrender my rights, or my guns, I will not go quietly to the camps,  the Revolution is now upon us, stand up and be counted, I and those like me will stand with you.          

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