Thursday, September 22, 2011


I know you have not heard from me for a long time, the truth is I was a little burnt out on the whole thing , I mean it really doesn’t matter what I write down on this page, what good does it do? The liberals are still out there telling lies, the establishment Republicans are still under mining true conservatives so they can keep the “good ol’boy power structure alive” and the truth is whatever “Hussein the Horrible” says it is this week.
So why am I wasting my time here, hell I don’t know, call it therapy. Here is the deal, I want to talk a little about what the progressive left stands for.
From what I hear they believe in things like a women’s right to choose, they are against the death penalty, they abhor racism, they promote diversity and open borders, human rights for all, gay marriage and wealth distribution.
That’s about it, and yes it is a little simplified but it not inaccurate I don’t think, ok so why is that important? If you have followed my Blog for any length of time you may remember awhile back I wrote a Blog titled “Liberal Hypocrisy “ well the more things change the more they say the same.
Ok let’s get to it; this week a man in Georgia was put to death for the 1989 murder of an off duty police officer, oh the lib’s are in an up roar, because 22 years latter they know this was just another example of the man (that’s code for white people) just wants to get pay back for a racist cop, well we know he is a racist, because he was a cop, and had he been a black cop he would have been another uncle Tom, you know like Sen. Allen West, and all the other sell outs. They protested outside the prison, had candle light visuals and you could hear the lib’s, wailing as far away as San Francisco. And I get it they don’t believe in the death penalty, it’s barbaric and does nothing to deter crime, it is not justice, it’s murder, “Right” I mean that’s what they say.
Is that is so? Let me introduce you to Lawrence Russell Brewer, who is he you ask? What, you mean it wasn’t front page news; the Huffington Post did not lead with this story? Well here’s the deal, on September 21, 2011 two people were put to death, one in Georgia, and one in Texas. But no one cried for Brewer, no one held a candle light visual, and I don’t blame them, Brewer was a monster, and he chained a human being to the back of his pickup truck and dragged him to death because of the color of his skin. The world is a better place without him, you may ask how can say that, “because I am not a hypocrite”, I don’t pretend to be outraged by capital punishment but pick and choose where my outrage will be directed, if you are morally opposed to capital punishment then should you not be just as outraged by the killing of a white supremacist, as you are with the killing of a black man who murdered a cop.
Here is another tragedy, also on September 21, 2011 two Sothern California police officers were arrested for the murder of a homeless man, they allegedly beat the mentally impaired man to death while he begged for his life, and if these officer’s are found guilty I hope they get what they gave, again I can say that because I am not a hypocrite, so why do I even care, yesterday someone I love and respect , even though she is a misguided liberal,  made a comment that I found very disturbing, “I hope they put them in general population”. Now what could have she meant by that statement? Well we all know what happens to cops put into general population, chances are they will be beat to death, or knifed, I think the proper terminology is “shanked”, but what about their right to a trail, or to be judged by a jury of their peers? What about their human rights and I thought putting someone to death was morally wrong, but if you put them into Gen-Pop isn’t that just what you are doing, sentencing them to death.
Last one for today; on Feb. 3, 2011 at a code pink rally in California, “you remember California the shining example liberalism and tolerance”, protesters made public statements concerning Justice Clarence Thomas, some of the more colorful ones were, and I am paraphrasing here, “he needs to be lynched” “he needs to be sent back to the fields” now I am not sure but that sounds just a little racist to me. Why is it whenever I bring this up liberal’s refuse to comment on it, or God forbid condemn it, I can tell you why?
Liberals do not believe in tolerance, they do not believe in human rights, they do not believe free speech, and they do not believe all people are created equal. Here is what they believe, if your views are the same as mine, if your speech is acceptable to me, if your politics are the same as mine then you are entitled to protection. Everyone else is an extremist, a racist, and someone of low intelligence and should be demonized.
Liberalism is for the liberal, not for the people, just as Socialism is for the Socialist, not the people, you see the rest of us are not smart enough to know the truth and there for we need them to tell us what is best for us.
Let me ask you this; what do liberals fear above all else? An informed society, that’s because their ideology cannot stand up to facts. It is time for conservatives to stand up and be heard, we are the majority and the truth is what it is, facts are what they are, don’t be afraid to stand up, when you do I will stand with you, you are not alone, this is your country too, this is our time, let the conservative revolution begin, it is time to rally the troops and return this great nation to greatness, you are not alone, let us all stand together.         

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