Friday, January 21, 2011


You know what really burns my rear (other than a flame about 3 ft tall) sorry could not help myself, and what the hell it is my blog. Anyway; what really burns me is how Mr. Obama can stand up and give a great speech in Arizona and absolutely no one on the left listens.

Yes that is correct I did give some credit to the President, but you have to give credit where credit is due, do I believe he meant it. No, I do not, I did, when he spoke I was impressed but the very next day members of his party were right back at it, attacking conservatives and trying to shut them up. Ask yourself this question, why are they so afraid of people like Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Glenn Beck and Sara Palin. We hear all the time from the left how stupid they are how irrelevant they are, after all they are not real journalists like Bill Maher, sorry couldn’t help myself.

Anyway my point is if they are so irrelevant then why not ignore them? You know like NPR, PBR, ABC, CNN and CSNBC are ignored. Sorry went there again didn’t I. well if the polls are any indication of the truth then FOX NEWS is clearly reaching more people, that’s what really scares them, and since the numbers continue to grow then we have to assume that mainstream America is moving more to the right of center, well that’s not true, we have always been a right of center country, the difference is now we are ignoring the 15% minority that always screams the loudest, or as I like to refer to them as the wacked out minority, but that’s just me.

So getting back to where I started before I started to ramble, those of you who know me will understand. The president gave a great speech, he said things like “we need more civility in our discourse” “as a country it is a time to heal” “this was the act of a single deranged person”, I may have paraphrased there a little but you get the idea, and the point of it all is this, it was not 24 hours before left wing nut jobs, some of them elected officials, came out and started throwing bombs at all their favorite targets. One Democratic Leader compared Republicans to the Nazi Party; the message was we are lying to the American people much the way Nazi’s lied about Jew’s, laying the ground work for the holocaust. Really, I mean really. You want to take a wild shot at how many in the mainstream media called him out on that, you got it zero.

This one is kind of sad; one of the Tucson Az. Victims, a 62 year old man who was shot in the leg, with a history of lift wing bomb throwing, after being released from the hospital was, of course, swarmed over by the left wing media, and held up as an example of the great liberal America, was arrested and committed for mental health evaluation after attending an ABC sponsored event, also at the event was a Sr. Tea Party organizer, he held up a picture of the gentleman and told him he is “dead”, civil enough for you. Oh but that’s not all, in a prior interview he made the statement, and I am paraphrasing again, he would like to make necklaces of I believe it was Sara Palin’s, Rush Limbaugh’s, and Dick Cheney’s ears.

Wow that is one tolerant man, the point is you may be hearing this for the first time, because ABC did not report on it, even though it was an event sponsored by them, as a matter of fact no one, with the exception of FOX NEWS, and the Washington Post reported on the story, gee I wonder why. Ask yourself this, if Sara Palin would have given an interview with some small town news agency in Alaska and said something like, oh I don’t know, the only good Liberal progressive is a dead liberal progressive, my sentiment not hers. How many news agencies do you think would run it as a lead story? My guess all of them.

I have rambled on and on just to get to this point, where is the Great Unite’r in all this, why is Mr. Obama not making clear to his party that he wants more civil discourse in day to day politics, and don’t kid yourself if he says it, it will happen, the truth is he did not mean a damn word of what he said in Arizona, he wants the right demonized, why you ask, because it is not about what is good for America, it is about winning in 2012, and keeping power, and it is not unique to the Dem’s but it really is about money and power, and as long as the American people stand for it, it will continue. You want more civil discourse? Then demand it, turn away from left and right bomb throwers, we need to demand that issues are debated and turn away from the intentional distracters. That is how everyone wins. Truth will set you free.

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