Monday, January 10, 2011

Never Waste an Opportunity

Over the last weekend some deranged sociopath goes on a shooting spree, I am sure everyone by now knows everything about it and the crazy person that perpetrated it. “Since it has been in the news just a little”, you would have to be way out of touch to have not heard about it. Well low and behold, the victims are not even buried yet and the left wing “Destroy America Machine” is in high gear. It would seem the mainstream media has worn out the blame Bush rhetoric, so they are now targeting Palin. Wow, I am shocked.
From all the reports I have heard this guy was his own kind of whack job, his favorite book listed on his my space account was the communist manifesto, don’t think that makes him very conservative, but on the other hand he apparently had no trust in the government, didn’t want open borders, and was mad about people in his district for not being well educated, not sure where he was going with that. The point I am trying to make is this guy was just what he is, a very deranged person. And really back when Sara Palin used bull’s-eyes to identify the democratic seats that were being targeted did anyone really look at that and say, “Look she is advocating violence”. If they did I would submit to you that they were also a little off.
Here is what angers me the most about this whole tragedy, six people have lost their lives, one of them an innocent nine year old girl, and the New York Times is professing a link between Tea Party members, and conservatives in general, that fail to support the current administration with not only advocating violence, but insinuating that conservatives have incited the events that have occurred. I say again Wow, how low you can get, this is despicable and if you don’t see it you are blind, this is not reporting the news this is pushing an agenda. It’s almost like some deranged person saying “man this is horrible; lucky for us we can use it”.
Whatever happened to honest and vigorous debate in our country, it is after all what the founding fathers intended. That is why we have a two party system, because it allows for compromise and the benefactors of that are generally the American people. And that’s good. So when did we become so one sighted that we see every tragedy as an opportunity to push forward our agenda. Please could we just morn for the lives of those lost, could we first grieve before we blame.

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