Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you Hear the Silence

Why is it whenever a conservative says something “provocative” or controversial the liberals all run around screaming the sky is falling? But when a liberal says something insensitive and dare I say it, ignorant the silence in deafening.

Ok Rick (that’s what I call myself; Rick) what are you rambling on about now, well let me give you just a couple of examples.

At a Code Pink Rally demonstrators say on TV they would like to see Justice Clarence Thomas impeached and sent back to the fields. Well wait a minute is that not a Racist statement, noooo not if you’re a liberal, some of the other comments were hang him and his wife, and oh yea, let’s not forget send Justice Scalia back to Sicily, wait a minute is that not a Racist statement, that’s right I forgot, not if you are a liberal.

And as you could imagine the silence is deafening from the left, we did get guys like the esteemed Reverend Jessie Jackson, you remember him he is the God fearing man the 20 kids from 20 women that he won’t even clam, what a pillar, calling into radio stations and doing the whole tap dance, you know these are fringe elements these are not reprehensive of the movement. Well that’s a lie, the truth is if you so much as disagree with the policies of Obama you are a racist. No not true it just makes you better educated and informed the 90% on the left.

Ok next example of the tolerant left; on the 11th of Feb. a CBS reporter is in Egypt covering the celebration in Tahrir Square after Egyptian President Mubarak stepped down, she was attacked and sexually assaulted, repeatedly by a large crowd, described as an unsavory element within the crowd, really? Well let’s not be too harsh in our description of these scum sucking animals. Wait it gets more disgusting. A very liberal Professor at NYU tweets after hearing the news "Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger," Apparently she had made statements in support of Gen. McChrystal after the Rolling Stones article that cost him his job, well hell then she deserved it right?

The fact is this young lady’s life was destroyed, she could have lost her life, she was brutalized, but MR NYU Liberal could care a less because she has a different ideology, and don’t kid yourself this is not the fringe this is mainstream liberal ideology.

It’s all agenda driven, Bush is a war monger and a war criminal, Obama sends drones into Pakistan and nothing. Bush is in bed with the oil companies, the gas prices are now over 3 bucks a gallon and nothing. Bush gives illegal no bid contracts to Halliburton, Obama names Jeff Imelt to his economics commission, (the CEO of GE) a company that out sources 60 percent of its production, and is currently acquiring oil and gas companies, and guess what, that’s right, nothing.

Don’t kid yourself there is a War going on in this country, here is what it comes down to, freedom, or one party socialist rule, here is what you arm yourself with, knowledge, left wing ideology cannot survive the truth.

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