Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whatever happened to the Libyan War?

Hey check it out; we are at war with Libya, I know, I know you haven’t heard anything about it in the news so how could it be so. I mean it was not that long ago that Bush went to congress to obtain permission to go to War with Afghanistan and Iraq. Then they turned around and called him a war monger, a war criminal, a murderer, a baby killer, you know the whole nine yards.
So where are all those people now, “hey Pelosi we are talking to you” John Kerry where is your indignation now????
Funny I can’t hear a thing, from the Liberal elite or the “oh so honest” liberal press, and as of now BO (that stands for Barak Obama, and yes the pun is intended, because I think he stinks), anyway to this day BO has snubbed congress and has not yet appeared before them, yes the same guy that as a Senator accused the Bush administration of fighting an illegal war under false pretenses.
But it’s ok because his press secretary says they are doing nothing illegal, this engagement is not a war. He makes it sound like they are all over there hitting each other with plastic bats; you know the big over sized ones.   
Ok I started this article yesterday and was going to complete it today, glad I did because while reading the Blaze this morning I came across an article about a Jr. High year book form a school in Arkansas that apparently includes a list of top 5 worst people of all time, on the list is Hitler, Bin Laden, Manson, then “get this” George Bush and Dick Chaney. I am just blown away, this is the crap they are filling our kids with, not learning, indoctrination, and you better believe its happening and there is an agenda by the left to destroy our Republic.
You remember all those crazy movies of the 80’s where some guy is wearing a foil hat to keep the aliens from taking over his mind, we all laughed but it’s happening, and the aliens are the liberal left, they are pumping our kids full of propaganda that promotes their belief, they say things like lets be more civil in our discourse, then they attack every conservative on a personal level, that’s because not only can they not argue the facts, they don’t know them nor are they interested in knowing them. Why you ask, well they believe in ideology, in ends justifies the means, and since their way of life it the correct way then it is ok, we can always be civil after they take over, but that will be the end of free speech and free choice, we can just tear up the constitution and turn the Smithsonian into a homeless shelter, oh wait we won’t need it because owning your own house is a civil right.
Ok I went on a rant there, but it does support my message, if Bush is such a horrible person then what does that say about Obama? We are at war in an unauthorized war, you can’t get away from that, the constitution and the war powers act are clear, and the administration is in clear violation of both. So where is the talk of impeachment, remember that one, oh and let’s not forget that we invaded a solvent nation in order to get Bin Laden, now that’s fine with me but if GW would have done it lib’s would be screaming for his head, but not BO, when he does it, it’s fine.
We are losing our country because the loudest voices are winning the argument by shouting us down, so stop, challenge them, demand they tell the truth, and punish the media and the elites in the film industry. How, don’t watch, don’t buy, don’t believe.    
We are in the middle of a revolution in our country, the question is are you going to crotch in the dark with your blinds down and hope for the best, or are you going to do what our forefathers did and stand up and be counted. I say stand because you are not alone, I will stand with you.

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