Thursday, October 21, 2010

Living in a Liberal PC world

You know it has been in the news a lot lately; what we can a cant say, what is or isn’t proper, but the funny thing is, it is only what the Liberals say is correct or in correct.
A good example is the word Muslim Fundamentalist; Bill O ‘Riley recently referred to the high jackers of 9/11 as Muslims and was treated with disdain while some of the cast members of the “View actually walked off the stage in protest. Juan Williams of NPR radio (or as I like to refer to it as “National Propaganda Radio”) was recently fired because he had the audacity to agree with O’ Riley on the air.
You see it is not about free speech or first amendment rights when you talk to a Liberal, it’s about what they believe, and if you or I don’t agree then we have no right to voice our opinion. When they burn the American flag in protest, or former President Bush is burned in effigy then that is protected speech, but if I say the Muslim religion is bad, that makes me evil.
Liberals will protect the rights of any religion, but when is the last time you heard a Liberal defend Christianity? No all you get there is we in Christian America have wronged all the people and religions of the world so we must prove we can be more tolerant. Really more tolerant, let’s talk about that. What have we as a nation done, we freed Europe twice in the last century, we freed Iraq from an evil dictator, I know, I know, we were there for the wrong reasons because Bush lied to get us in there, and our bombs killed civilians, and they used it as a recruitment tool, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, get a new song and move on from this one you have been proven wrong, we won the war that could not be won and it is a better place today because of what we did. Now where was I “oh yea” earthquakes to floods all over the world we send more aid and give more in donations than any other nation.
When you hear a liberal talk about Christians killing people, well your right, let’s see, the three great Christian Crusades were in 9th 11th and 13th century if my memory of high school history serves me, we are now in the 21st century, if that is all you got then we don’t really have anything to talk about, the fact is the Genocide in Darfur is Muslims killing Christians, the bombings all over the world, like Spain, the beheadings on the internet, they are all Muslims, this is the same religion that stones women for adultery, not 1500 years ago, this year. Where is the outrage of this intolerance? This is the religion that says if a person is born into a Muslim home and then converts to Christianity he should be killed, where is the outrage? If an infidel cannot be turned to Islam, he should be considered an enemy of Islam and be killed, where is the outrage? Even in death women are treated as possessions, “To die for the cause grants you 70 virgins to submit to your will” come on where is the outrage you hypocritical liberals.
So you may be asking yourself why I am talking about this. Recently I posted an opinion of the Ground Zero Mosque on my Face Book page, it was kind of satirical, but it was an opinion I agreed with, you would not believe the back lash I got, and form people close to me. Suddenly I was an intolerant, racist, homo-fob, are you kidding me, where is the tolerance toward me, what about my right to free speech, my right to an opinion? As a former Soldier I hate the people that burn the American Flag, but I will defend their right to do so with my life if need be, you see freedom is a two sided coin, it’s when we despise what the other person is saying, but defend their right to say it we are free! One of my relatives, yes relative, so despised my response, and yes it was somewhat insensitive, but it was also how I feel about the subject, I am allowed that freedom, am I not? That his only response was FU Rick, now do you think any other liberal told him he should be more tolerant of other peoples view? I think not.
This week a nineteen year old boy came home to Utah, he was a medic in Afghanistan, he had only been in country for three weeks, when on patrol a member of his team went down from a gunshot wound, he didn’t think, he did what he was trained to do, he ran out into the open to try to save a life, and he did, but it cost him his, again he was nineteen, he was recently married and his son was two weeks old at the time. He went to school with my kids; tomorrow my kids will attend his funeral and while his death is no less tragic than any other it is sobering, you see he did not consider the right or wrong of his actions, he did not care about the politics involved, he only knew someone he barely knew need help and it was his job to give it, a child of 19, but more of a man then any liberal I have ever known.
That’s right; because you always hear liberals shouting and whinnying and protesting, but they never actually get involved, they talk, but they never “do’”, that is left to the young Jordan’s of the world.
By the way when the only response you have to an augment is FU, then you lost the argument.
One more thing about freedom, it’s not free, we tend to forget that until it hits close to home……….

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